Seeking his true calling, Vic Walker quits his job, dumps his girlfriend, and buys a motorcycle. Vic finally feels like a free man, open to all the world has to offer. His mother, on the other hand, argues that he is thirty, single, and once again living with his parents.

After alienating his married friends, Vic becomes influenced by a far different peer group. A Harley-riding ex-CPA shows him the importance of "looking through the turn" on his motorcycle - and in life. An obese transcendentalist/minor league mascot becomes Vic's spiritual guide, and a standup comedian, obsessed with getting famous and meeting women, helps Vic realize his talent for writing comedy.

If you've ever thought about quitting your job to travel the world, Through the Turn will allow you to live that dream vicariously through Vic, and then most likely be glad you didn't.


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